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MTX is the leading roofing contractor in Texas. We take pride in our customer service and high-quality workmanship to make sure you’re satisfied every time. We understand that each project requires a different approach, which is why we offer several services including Residential Roofing and Roof Repair.
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Our Mission

MTX is changing the game. Setting a higher standard for the roofing industry. We are constantly learning and growing for our community. Everyone is a teacher and a student when it comes to roofing. We are learning new techniques to better ourselves for our clients while also informing our clients of every step we take. Communication is key to any relationship, especially with business relationships. Putting out customers first will always lead to doing the right thing.

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Gutters are a vital part of any house or building because they prevent water damage due to heavy rains and other elements like hail, snow, etc. If a homeowner does not properly maintain their gutters, then eventually there can be severe consequences such as mold growth which leads to health issues for anyone living in the affected area; this is why we provide professional guttering services at MTX roofing company!

Residential Roofing

Texas’ MTX Roofing provides residential roof services that will protect your home from the elements. We want our clients to feel involved in every step of the process, starting with understanding what we do for you and ending up enjoying all benefits a new roof has to offer.

Storm Restoration

MTX is the best choice for storm damage restoration in Azle, Texas. Our team will ensure your home repairs are done professionally and efficiently to help you get back outside enjoying summer as soon as possible. Choose from total roof replacements or repairing a leaky roof. MTX has got it covered!

Roof Repair

Your home is a significant investment, and it’s our job to help you recover from any damage that has occurred. This process starts by assessing the extent of your roofing repair needs with a visual inspection, which we can do on-site or at one of our offices. Once this assessment is complete, we will provide an exceptional service experience for every customer through education about their options—including shingle replacement if necessary—and how these decisions impact their property’s future performance and beauty.

Why Choose MTX

At MTX, we believe that educating homeowners on the highest caliber products for their homes begins with being honest and transparent. We educate even our own customers about excellent systems to suit any need or budget. It’s important you have all your options available before making such an investment. Our goal is to provide homeowners with roofing systems that are second to none. With our years of experience as a company, we know how important it is for customers and vendors alike to follow through on their promises.

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About the OWNER

Brandy’s newfound passion for roofing stems from the idea of family and helping those families around her. She found her old career as a Surgeon’s First Assistant wasn’t allowing her to have time for her family. This is what caused her to join a new Industry. Being able to help the community that she is a part of is a significant factor to her. What sets MTX apart from other roofing contractors in the industry is its Teacher-Student Mentality. Every day she informs her clients on advice for their homes while learning new trade tricks to develop her skills. 

‘I want to set a higher standard for the roofing industry to help them understand what a trusted and professional roofing company should be 

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Building your home is an investment in the future. You deserve quality craftsmanship from professionals who treat it with care and respect, just like you would! We specialize in ensuring every project gets done right at fair prices, so call MTX when looking for your roofing services.
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