Residential Roofing

We Repair, We Restore, We do it All

Our dedication is to our customer satisfaction

MTX Roofs are proud to be the first choice for all your roofing needs. With our vast experience in Texas, we have built a reputation as being responsive and reliable when it comes time for the installation of new roofs or repairs on old ones.

Accurate Estimates

MTX provides comprehensive services including measurements from our technicians onsite without sacrificing customer satisfaction by providing them with high accuracy data which leads directly towards better performance results

High-Quality Roofing Materials

Your home is one of the most valued possessions in your life, so why not make it last as long? We’ll take care of choosing siding or tiles for you with superior products from Certainteed and Owens Corning. These are leading manufacturers who stand behind their product lines, ensuring durability.

All Roofing Accessories

In addition to our selection of quality roofs, we also offer a wide range of necessary parts and accessories that can be used in the repair or replacement process. Along with roofing material options like shakes and shingles you’ll find vents for your home’s heating system as well!

You might be surprised to learn that your roof has a lot more going on in the background than just protecting what’s inside. You can breathe easier, work productively and live better with these hidden benefits.

Increase Home Value

A new roof is one of the most important things you can do to improve your home’s value. Interested buyers care about how old a house’s roofs are because they know that an old and dated structure will leave them on the hook for a replacement very soon.

Maintain Insurance Coverage

One of the most overlooked parts of your home insurance policy is what’s covered. Most significant insurers won’t cover over 20 years old roofs, and you should consider replacing them before then!

Increase Home Energy Efficiency

The roof plays a significant role in the climate of your home. It helps control how much heat gets in or out through the top of the house, so replacing it can make for an easier and more efficient temperature management system overall!

Protect the Air Quality in Your Home

Your roof is an essential part of your home. It helps keep moisture out and cool with its climate control, but as roofs age, they often develop leaks or other water damages that can cause severe problems for you in the house.

We’ll come by and do a thorough inspection, discussing all options with you regarding the restoration process. Once we have determined what is best for your home’s specific needs in terms of materials selection. Restoration of your Roof holds many advantages.

Why Choose MTX

At MTX, we believe that educating homeowners on the highest caliber products for their homes begins with being honest and transparent. We educate even our own customers about excellent systems to suit any need or budget. It’s important you have all your options available before making such an investment. Our goal is to provide homeowners with roofing systems that are second to none. With our years of experience as a company, we know how important it is for customers and vendors alike to follow through on their promises.

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